Following on from Part 1 of ”Become a Happy Shopper‘, where we explored common shopping habits, this article is all about learning how to strategically transform not so good habits, into good ones. Planning and restructuring the way you shop can make the world of difference, so you can be mentally and physically prepared for the task ahead. Making well informed decisions will enable you to become more confident throughout the process of clothes shopping.

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Blade Runner

Task? Brainstorm and source 6 looks with in 4 days.

Concept? Blade Runner.

Blade Runner? Yes, Blade Runner! I don’t really remember it…

You know? Futuristic, sci-fi, high shine metallics, exaggerated shapes… but with a 2017 feel to it.

Hmmmm….ok. Let’s see what I can do.


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Is it possible to be a happy shopper? Yes, it is…but there is a percentage of men and women who quickly become anxious or frustrated by the idea of clothes shopping. So if you simply haven’t yet got to grips with the task of clothes shopping, in this 5 part series I will be sharing information on how you can improve the way you shop, for a less stressful and enjoyable shopping experience…But first lets take a look at the various kinds of shopping characteristics.

 …But what Kind of Shopper are you?

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Fyodor Golan AW17: ‘Never Just a Little’: Part 1


On day 2 of London Fashion Week Fyodor Golan was my first catwalk show for the day. It’s no surprise that the vibrant fashion label has reached its 5th Anniversary! As designers Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman approach their celebratory landmark they are soaring on their reputation of experimental design and dauntless colour, however this time around the show started off with an almost blank canvas.



Opening the show was a lightweight utility style overcoat featuring a wide and longline lapel (collar). Once you looked beyond the simple pebble grey layers that gently flowed into one another, you could see that there was more to it than just an invariable canvas. The coat was layered over a peak collared shirt dress with a square cut pocket detail that flowed in to a waterfall ruffle that cascaded down one side of the dress. Additional detail was reserved for the back of the over coat with two horizontally relaxed openings positioned across the upper and lower back. This monotone ensemble paved the way for the explosion of colour and print that was on its way.


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PART 1: The First Romance #ACxSelfLove


‘‘If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others. You will not be able to love others. If you have no compassion for yourself then you are not able of developing compassion for others.’’ – Dalai Lama

It’s sad that due to social expectations and personal experiences that for some of us our perception of beauty can be so messed up. In line with Valentines Day and Aesthetic Candy’s most recent focus on lifestyle Aesthetic Candy will be highlighting the importance of self-love. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘self-love’ as Regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.’ Self-love is not only about taking care of your self-presentation and looking good on the outside but making sure that you feel good on the inside too.  It is way too easy to go through life feeling out of place and not loving ourselves the way we should and as a result overshadowing our chances of happiness, when what we really should be doing is work on becoming the best version of ourselves because that is all we can be.


I hope that The First Romance #ACxSELFLOVE campaign will encourage someone on their journey of self-love.






LIFESTYLE / Chinese New Year – The Magical Lantern Festival


A sucker for pretty lights, I’ve always wanted to visit the annual Magical Lantern Festival held at Chiswick House Gardens, in West London. This year I decided to go and check it off my ‘To-Do’ list for 2017. It was an exciting and dazzling display of light, narrating culture, art and tradition. It was also a thoroughly frozen experience as temperatures reached minus one degree that night. If like me you share an appreciation for Chinese culture or you have a love for the outdoors, the festival will be showing at Chiswick House gardens until the 26th February. Here are my favourite moments from the Magical Lantern Festival.




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LUMIÈRE NOIR / Co-ordinating Outfits


I’m developing a thing for co-ordinating outfits. I think I went through some kind of ‘wannabe’ rebellious phase. During this time I wasn’t too keen on the idea of uniform co-ordinating outfits that was also included in that category. All I wanted to do was clash in colour and in style, my outfit was not complete unless something clashed but things change and so has my appreciation for outfits that match. I mean, I would have easily bypassed this co-ordinating jacket and skirt if it wasn’t for the patent finish. Detailing, fabrics and finishes are what make an outfit stand out.



Co-ords make getting dressed so easy and give you choice and multiple usage. If outfit building isn’t your strength make way for your new best friend, co-ordinating outfits. Co-ordinates are composed of matching:

  1. Jacket/Top + Skirt
  2. Jacket/Top + Trousers
  3. Jacket + Dress… sometimes a jumpsuit

With this matching jacket and skirt from my favourite H&M, I instantly envisaged my style options and teamed the jacket with:

  1. A pair of jeans / t-shirt / ankle boots
  2. A red a line skirt / white top / court shoes
  3. A silk maxi dress / heeled sandals

Three different looks from one jacket and potential to create more. I would swap my boots for an easy pair of low top converse style shoes and tote or shoulder bag or a daytime or smart/casual look.

Co-ordinating outfits eliminate the headache of creating a look from scratch. You already have the foundation of your outfit so the hard work is already done. For a matching jacket and skirt what you would need to consider is how to build your outfit and choose the right top bag, shoes and accessories to enhance the look.









As in the Haute Pink article featuring one of Topshop’s double breasted suits from last season, depending on the occasion the key is to bring the look together with a classic cut top, as in nothing too abstract. The top can be in the the same shade as your coordinated pieces or a complimentary tone. Use a combination of statement and classic elements for your shoes, bag and accessories to enhance your look. For example, if you decide to wear a statement bag choose shoes and accessories with design elements that highlight the either the texture, colour or material on the statement bag.



Velvet was such a huge trend for Autumn/Winter 16-17. Designers and retailers served velvet in every style and EVERY colour you could imagine, including sunflower yellow! But with such an influx of velvet I was cautious about how much I could and would invest in it. Because it’s soft fabric composition velvet is super comfortable and the thicker it is the warmer it is, so it typical that it is worn more during the colder months of the year, more specifically around the festive season. Looking through designer catwalk trends Spring/Summer collections it appears that velvet will be hanging round longer than usual so don’t be so quick to fold it away. (I’ll expand on SS17 velvet trend as it gets a little closer to spring.)



There’s another co-ord look on the way!

Keep an eye out for Chinese New year feature, coming soon.


Outfit Details: Jacket & Skirt, H&M / Top, Primark / Boots, Topshop Unique 

Photographer / Mode Hunter


COCKTAIL HOUR – Evening & Occasion Wear

Tell me…What’s your flavour?

Berry Daiquiri?…what about Spiced Rum?… or a Long Island High Tea?


I wanted to create a cocktail party themed shoot and feature one or two unique fashion brands that you may not necessarily find on the high street and style these brands with pieces from commercial high street brands.

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